Strategic Marketing & Communications Planning

You have ideas about where to go, but how to get there? You may not have the in-house capacity for the strategic thinking and planning you need. You may be too busy with your core business to focus on communications. This is where Pilot° integrates into your enterprise. We figure it out, with you and for you.

From the beginnings of a strategic plan through the tactics and tools that turn it into action, Pilot° delivers. You see the results, and we continue to evaluate them with you and plot the next steps.

Corporate Multimedia Identity

You may be dedicated to your brand, but feel you need a refresh. You may need to develop your identity or still be at the phase of defining it. You may be looking to raise sales or change hearts and minds. You may have a message you want to get out to the world or just one specialized part of it.

In any case, you need the kind of marketing savvy that Pilot° incorporates into all its collateral programs. Focusing on the unity, integrity and visibility of the message, Pilot° delivers integrated collateral programs across all media that take your message just where you need it to be.

Focused Communications & Marketing Counsel

You may find yourself suddenly in the media spotlight. Or you may be at the right place in your business to seek it out. You may need new ways to reach your audience or clients. Or you may even need to discover new audiences.

In all of these situations and more, from crisis communications to community relations to long-term issues management, Pilot° delivers expert counsel. We’re there for you. We stay on top of the research and the media so that you always know where you stand and where you should go.

Community Investment

You may want to raise funds for a cause you believe in or develop a new initiative. You may want to give something back to the communities that helped your business thrive. Or you might be wondering what you could do that would improve community relations and position you as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

From full-out fund development campaigns to targeted recognition programs, Pilot° has the expertise to define, refine and manage the initiative that’s right for you. From crafting the vision to monitoring success, we get you to your goals.