Big-Picture Thinker

Known for both her vision and steadfast focus on results, June has 25 years of leadership experience in the communications field, encompassing the full spectrum from strategic planning to investor relations, public relations, government relations, community relations and marketing, across multiple sectors. Always ahead of the curve, June started her company in response to unmet needs in health care communications and then grew it to become one of Atlantic Canada’s most respected communications and marketing firms. Through dealing with issues that are both complex and high-profile, she understands the implications of what are often high-stakes situations for entrepreneurs, executives, political leaders and the public. She knows the importance of thought leadership and understands that long-term vision and long-term relationships are the basis of business success. Truly community-minded, June has given her time and considerable skills to a wide variety of volunteer and community initiatives as well as to guiding national and international companies toward corporate social responsibility.

Rumor has it that she’s also been known to make personal gifts of artisanal breakfast goods to departing dinner guests. Talk about thinking ahead. 

June Perry

President & CEO